Choose Your Layout & Get a Quote

Curved Patio Doors are available in 10 standard layouts.

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What you need for a quote:


X = FIXED Window
← = SLIDING Door

To get a quote you need either:
1. Height and Length
2. Height, Depth and Width

NOTE – dimensions are all in MM (Millimetres)

How to get a quote:

1. Choose layout/model
2. Insert required dimensions
3. Choose glass & colour
4. Get an instant online quote. You can revise the information, change model, colour, dimensions etc as many times as you like and see how it affects the cost.

Purchasing Balconette’s Curved Patio Doors:

Once you have your quote, you are ready to:

1. Talk about ordering

2. Find out your delivery schedule

3. Get answers to any additional questions

Do You Have Any Questions? Call us on 01342 410411

Frequently Asked Questions

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