Delivery & Installation

Delivery for Standard Juliet Balconies is 5 Working Days

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service which extends through to the completion of installation with comprehensive installation instructions and support.

Installing a Juliet Balcony – Easy to Follow Installation Guides

We provide 4 Juliet balcony systems. Please choose the relevant link below for the system you are looking to install. The links will take you to a step-by-step guide on how to install your chosen Juliet balcony system.

This is the standard Juliet system with a 70mm diameter handrail and a bottom track that fits under the cill to hold it in place. Available in eight standard sizes from 1.28m to 3.2m and in four colours.

The Aerofoil Juliet system provides an alternative and aesthetic wing-shaped handrail. It is also available in eight standard sizes 1.28m to 3.2m and in the four standard colours.

Another style of Juliet is the ‘Mirror Juliet’, which uses two Orbit handrails at the top and bottom, avoiding the need to fix underneath the cill. Available in seven standard sizes 1.28 to 2.84m and four standard colour options.

The Frameless Juliet Balcony, where all there is literally, is one sheet of glass, is a highly aesthetic balcony guarding solution. Available in seven standard sizes from 1.28m to 2.84m in our proprietary Royal Chrome finish.

Balconette’s Juliet Balcony Installation Video

Frequently Asked Questions

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